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Darren Kaneko

General Foreman


Darren has 17 years of experience in commercial and residential construction.

13 years carpentry with Coastal where he worked his way from an apprentice to a journeyman.  His accomplishments with this company:

*Track homes – Mililani Mauka

*Military projects – Kaneohe Marine Base, Mcgrew Point and Catlin Pearl Harbor

Shortly after he moved on to work for Swinerton where his duties lay in completing and remodeling work at:

*Hilton Hawaiian Village-Rainbow Tower

*Louis Vuitton-Hilton Hawaiian Village

*Turtle Bay Hilton

After 2 years with Swinerton he moved on to Marryl where an opportunity for him to evolve in his job role became available, as a Working Foreman. in the 2 years with Marryl his accomplishments consist of:

*Building American Savings Bank in Ewa Beach

*TJ Maxx in Kapolei

*Building a Classroom on Mid Pac Campus

*Remodeled the Hilton Waikoloa Palace Tower in Kona

*Remodeled the Hilton Garden Inn in Kaua‘ i

Darren has well experience and knowledge in framing, jousting, siding, dry wall, flooring and finishing work. He has also taken on numerous projects on his own remodeling friends’ and families’ kitchens, bathrooms and room extensions.

Currently Darren has joined Wave Builders as a General Foreman, and his values with the company is to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace, to be a team player and to have good communication skills with his crew and peers.

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